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State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector HI12661
InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector NACHI20022519

James ‘Jim’ Ransom PMP - Certified Inspector and co-owner of Advocate Property Inspections, LLC.

Jim is a registered Project Management Professional and has worked construction management for over 30 years. His initial work was the inspection of roads, utilities and above and below ground gas piping. He moved into the project management of large residential, commercial and industrial construction projects, focusing on safe construction of these critical facilities. In the meantime, he and his wife of 25 years, has performed many home rebuilds, remodels and operated a small handyman business which laid the foundation for his current focus of property inspections using his years of construction experience into inspecting homes for others. Outside of work, Jim seeks adventure at every opportunity and enjoys spending time with his wife and their five children.

Deborah ‘Deb’ Ransom BSN, CCM - Owner of Advocate Property Inspections, LLC

Deb has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and served our country as an officer in the US Army. Her experience ranged from working at a combat field hospital overseas to working in a hospital setting and years working with disabled children and adults in their homes as a visiting nurse. Her focus is on helping property owners seek ways to make their home a healthy home. Her experience with home remodeling practices and products, her years in the in the medical profession and education in various environmental issues with toxic cleaners and air quality issues brings a medical-driven focus to the home inspection industry. When she is not at work, Deb has fun spending time with the family and seeking new ways to keeping them healthy too.



Your Property Consultant with Purpose

We are confident in providing you with the highest quality reporting system available, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. You will find the report easy to read and understand. The Summary report includes detailed items we feel need immediate attention. The Full Report details the condition of all systems within the property.

A professional home inspection is an impartial visual evaluation of your property. For builders, buyers, and sellers, inspecting your home’s condition is critical when it comes to purchase, repair and maintenance decisions.

You will receive a formal report by email within 24 hours, many times within the same day, with colored pictures and detailing the condition of the physical structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, roofing, interior and exterior features.



Property Inspections

If your future home is a Single/Multi-Family House, Condo, Townhome or Manufactured House; a complete home inspection is recommended and especially important for anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. Purchasing a property is often a stressful situation and our job at Advocate Property Inspections LLC is to provide every customer with a professional and thorough home inspection that will report the status of all the components of the property, so the purchaser and buyer will know exactly what is damaged and/or in need of repair.

A home inspection can detect issues that are not seen on a simple walk-through or visit to a property. Aspects of the property to be examined are structural framing, electrical, plumbing, heating/air conditioning, roof, foundation, and more. It is essential to know the needed repairs or damage before buying a home, so that the new homeowner does not move into a home that will require thousands of dollars of repair. After our home inspection, a report will be sent to the client within 24 hours that will detail the homes condition, and repairs, damage, and working order of the property. With the knowledge and full awareness of the status of the property, potential buyers and sellers can negotiate a reasonable price, repair expenses, and decide whether the purchase will be a good investment..

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4-Point Inspections, as the name suggests, cover four major aspects of a building- the roofing, the HVAC systems, electrical systems, and the plumbing systems.

While 4-point inspections are not as detailed, they are generally not meant for home owners or buyers. Instead, 4-point home inspections in Orlando, FL are used by insurance companies as a risk assessment tool before they insure any property. In most cases, all homes that are more than 25 years old, require a 4-point inspection before they can be issued insurance. Even if your home is already insured and you just need to renew your insurance, you may be required to have a 4-point inspection conducted.

Wind Mitigation Verification inspections is that, under Florida law, insurance companies are required to give discounts on home insurance for structures that meet certain criteria. These reports are good for five years.

Roof Inspections are sometimes required if there is question by the insurance company on the serviceability of the roof or if there is wind or hail damage and the homeowner may need a second opinion if the roof needs replacement.

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Contact me to find out how I can help today.



If you are building a home and you’re worried that the builder and their chosen contractors are not building in your best interest or just want peace of mind; I can help be your new home construction eyes on the project. I’ll work with you during the new construction | phase inspection process by providing on-site inspections at the most opportune times to evaluate and report on the installation practices for the major systems being installed. The first phase of the new construction inspection process starts when the home’s foundation make-up has been complete, and the builder is ready to pour concrete. The second phase of the new construction process is conducted when the structure has reached the stage when drywall and insulation are ready to be installed. The third and final phase of the new construction process is conducted when the home is substantially complete, generally around the time the builder is prepared to do a final walk-through with the home buyer.

Do you have a project that you need project management? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of consulting services such as this one. To find out more, get in touch.



What My Clients Have to Say on Angie's List and HomeAdvisor

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He was good. He was willing to explain everything and why it mattered. Had one inspection and he was willing to look at next listing and tell me what to look for and questions to ask during Initial viewing of next property. Of course, had him do an inspection on that too. Critical to the point that you want to say, who would care about that?! But, definitely peace of mind to know anything to expect in future.

Scott Nyffeler

Mature Businessman

Very professional and punctual. I was amazed at how fast he was able to accommodate our home inspection and we’re very pleased with his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a home inspection whether it be for insurance purposes or for a sanity check to verify a home is in good working order prior to purchasing.

Mark Rodriguez

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It was great! He did a great job price was great also I will for sure say to go with this guy.
Thanks Jim you did a excellent Home Inspection job!

Brenda Rochford




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