Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection Orlando FL

If you have not had a Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection on your Florida home, you are missing out on state mandated insurance discounts that could reduce your insurance premiums significantly. A thorough wind mitigation analysis and inspection is one of the few types of home inspections that helps reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance.

According to Florida Statues, your insurance company is required to lower your rates based on the features and construction of the home that reduce home damage in hurricane winds. Only your insurance company can determine your discount, but Advocate Property Inspections LLC can provide the wind mitigation inspection and the necessary paperwork. The Wind Mitigation Inspection reports are typically good for the property if you have the same insurance company. If you are purchasing a new home, you should have a new wind mitigation inspection.


Next-Day Inspection Reports

We will deliver your inspection report within 24 hours after your home inspection so that you can immediately start to learn about the home you are planning to buy. With attention to detail, due diligence and adequate time devoted to every nook and corner, we come up with a holistic inspection report that outlines a defect as well as its impact in other parts of the property. For instance, we will not only identify leakage in the roof, but will also explain how it can potentially harm other parts of the building. Our inspection report includes high-resolution color photographs that give you a clear understanding of the condition of the property

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